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SCNM Tuition Assistance News:
This year SCNM will team up with MVP-SOS on our Tuition Assistance program to help kids keep playing sports!  Last year the economic climate caused a fair amount of financial stress on SCNM as we continued to honor our pledge to keep kids playing soccer without allowing money to be an impediment.  This season, we've teamed up with MVP-SOS to allow us to continue to honor this pledge to the kids.  For those of you who may not be familiar with MVP-SOS, you can read more about their organization and mission at: http://mvpsos.com/     (You can make donations there was well!)
In the event that you are not able to afford the financial commitment for your child to play soccer this season, you may apply for a scholarship through MVP-SOS.  MVP-SOS has agreed to fund 50% (half) of the registration fees for those who meet the financial requirements.  In order to apply, please download the MVP-SOS "Application for Funding" form available at their website: Link
*Instructions/Information required to complete form:
Total Amount of Funding Required for Project/Event: Should be the full cost of registration plus uniform if applicable for the specific program for your child's appropriate age.
Amount of Funding Requested: This should be the amount you are seeking from MVP-SOS (may be the same or less than above).
Date Monies Needed: As soon as possible
Name of Organization Check should be paid to: This should be:
P.O. Box 1648
New Milford, CT  06776