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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Equipment do I need?

Uniforms are provided to you at an additional fee (U4-U8 uniforms are included in registration 

fee).  Other items that are required include:

Cleats (U4 optional)

Shin Guards

Soccer Ball (Size 3 for in-house, Size 4 for U9-U12, Size 5 for U13 and above)

Always bring plenty of water


2. How can I register?

Online registration usually opens in January for the spring session and May for the fall session.  

There will also be in person registrations communicated by the club through e-mail and on the 

website providing details.  If you missed the online and in-person registration deadlines please 

contact the appropriate registrars to see availability.


3. How can I help the club?

There are a variety of ways that parents can volunteer their time.  The club is run and progresses 

mostly on parent volunteers.  We are always in need of coaches, assistant coaches, managers, 

board members, fund raisers, tournament organizers and so on.  To see what you can do for the 

club, please contact a board member. For a list of contacts please go to the SCNM contacts tab.


4. What is not covered by the registration fees?

All players are required to have uniforms at an additional fee (U4-U8 excluded). Cost varies by 

age.  For travel teams, all additional tournaments and scrimmages outside the 8 required games 

may charge an additional fee (costs vary).  Also any team in need of a professional trainer for 

more than the one practice per week will be charged an additional trainer fee.  There are also 

additional training opportunities that will be offered by the Director of Coaching that are not 

covered by the registration fees.


5. What is the refund policy?

Please check the refund tab located on the website for specifics. 

6. My son/daughter (In-House) registered in a lower division than all his 

friends.  Can he/she be moved to their friends division?

There are cutoffs for each age division starting on August 1st.  Please see the registration tab for 

exact year cutoffs.  Any moves outside of the cutoff dates must be approved by the In-House 



7. My Son/Daughter are in the same division but are on a different team than their friends. Can he/she be moved?

In-House will accommodate most moves for friends to play together but does reserve the right 

to deny the requests if it interferes with the team’s ability to stay competitive.  Please contact 

the In-House Coordinator if you have any questions.

Travel placement is strictly based on try-outs that are held yearly in June.  Please contact the 

travel coordinator if you have any further questions.


8. I am unable to pay the registration fee at one time or at all.  What are my options?

Please contact appropriate Travel/In House registrar


9. My son/daughter has never played soccer before.  Is this the right place for him/her?

All players regardless of experience are welcomed to the club.  The in-house program is for all 

kids between the ages of 3-8. They learn all the fundamentals skills of soccer and are getting 

prepared for travel soccer.  The travel program is for kids aged 8-14.  This program, although 

more advanced, can still be enjoyed by players for the first time.  For further information, please 

contact a member of the board.


10. I have a concern, suggestion, question, or opinion about the club or its policies.  Whom can I contact?

All concerns, suggestions, questions, and opinions are taken very serious by the club.  Please 

refer to the contacts page and send an e-mail to one of the board members and we will get back 

to you as soon as possible. Board members will either answer you back directly or forward the 

message to the right person.  We also welcome all members to attend the open portion of the 

monthly Board meetings.  The first portion of every board meeting is reserved to address public